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  • Sinus Rejuvenation Oil.  New Packaging, Same Blend
  • Sinus Rejuvenation Oil.  New Packaging, Same Blend

Sinus Rejuvenation Oil 5ml


Worth the price! Great for chronic sinus sufferers.

This powerful blend of essential oils is formulated to fight infection, drain mucus and ultimately rejuvenate your sinuses. When used over a period of 6-8 weeks, it has the potential to create long-term changes in your sinus health or your money back!

All oils are organic and bought directly from small farms and co-ops.

  • Great for chronic sinus conditions
  • Strengthens immune function to fight colds and allergies
  • Strong blend of essential oil decongestants
  • Formulated by experts at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy
  • Used over time, our sinus oil can help rejuvenate your sinuses
  • 5 mL bottle of pure, organic essential oils, no carrier oil

Contains: Green myrtle, Inula graveolens, Rosemary verbenone, Eucalyptus dives, Peppermint and Spike lavender.

Not for use in a neti pot!

See this link for directions.

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  1. I LOVE the scent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Sep 2017

    In addition to every positive thing said in these reviews, I completely adore the smell of this. I think it might be the green myrtle. It makes me breathe so deeply and makes my brain happy. A bottle has lasted me two years, used intermittently during spring and fall, so don't be afraid to make the investment.

  2. Great Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jul 2017

    I was on antibiotics for two months and had a severe sinus infection. I came across this website and I found the ceramic neti pots that I could sanitize and this oil blend. The oil does wonders. I used it as directed and I immediately felt my sinus pressure getting better. I keep using it and it works for me. The smell is just wonderful, a nice blend of herbs.

  3. Healed my chronic sinus problems 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jun 2017

    Years ago I somehow came across baraka sinus oil. I had chronic sinus problems ever since I can remember. My finding baraka was now over 10 years ago. I experienced my sinuses healing over time and now I rarely have sinus issues. It really is a miracle oil. The other sinus oils are ok but not nearly as powerful as baraka. Baraka, I believe, will get rid of a sinus infection. My daughters now will not be without it and, of course, neither will I.

  4. Can't live without it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Aug 2016

    I love this oil! It is a lifesaver for me. I used to have chronic sinus infections - used it as directed (for 6 weeks I think) then as needed - no infections. The minute I start to fell stuffy I neti pot and then use this oil. It is amazing. A lifesaver.

  5. This stuff is great!! Unbelievably effective! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jun 2016

    I can't believe that I didn't try this sooner. I started using this earlier this year in the couple of months leading up to the time that I normally go downhill with battling spring seasonal allergies. I've usually had to fight at least one major sinus infection every spring, and many times two by the end of the season. I have NOT had a sinus infection AT ALL THIS YEAR!!! I've begun to use it as needed whenever my nose gets a little congested and stuffy. It eliminates the congestion in very short order! This stuff is amazing. In addition to that, I have remained clear since I started using it months ago, and have finally been rid of my chronic nasal congestion! Anyone who has chronic sinusitis or allergic rhinitis as I did needs to try this. I have benefited from amazing results and remarkable long-term improvement. I continue to use the Mineral Sea Salt rinse with my neti pot pretty regularly, and I've started using the Dry Nose Oil occasionally as needed. All of these products are wonderful, and my sinus health is 100% better. Thank you, Baraka!!

  6. This product save my life 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th May 2016

    I am forever thankful for whom invented this product. I have suffered from chronic sinusitis for about 3 years. Of which 2 years I didn't know I had sinusitis all I knew was I was supposed to inhale Flonase every day to get rid of my congestion and for maintenance. This never worked! !! Later after a complaining to my doctor of severe headaches severe tiredness irritability and completely sick every day. I got a cat scan which show I had gunk all over my air pockets and up to my eyes. Severely chronic sinusitis. I had sinus ballon plastic surgery and a deviated septum surgery as well. My ENT did a good job but unfortunately this didn't stop my chronic sinusitis. After 6 months of surgery this heaches and green nasal discharge came back again. So here I'm was hopeless feeling worse than ever because I'm on antibiotics like almost every month. And I'm got tired of it until I went to wholefoods to search for holistic alternatives. And I came across this magical bottle that has safe my life. I'm free of this nasty ugly and uncomfortable stressful disease chronic sinusitis. Thank you Baraka!!

  7. Great product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Dec 2015

    smells like rocket fuel BUT works like a gem! A must in everyone's medicine chest

  8. Great product, a must in everyone's medicine cabinet 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th May 2015

    I have discovered this product while looking for relief from a head cold. It was instataneous. I have used it since with great sucess to help with sinus congestion and allergies, along with a neti pot. I highly recommend it for anyone with similar issues and who wants a healthy alernative to cold medicine traditionally available in pharmacies.

  9. So Far, So Good 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Mar 2015

    Trying this for the first time. I purchased this product for my wife and myself along with the infused sea salt and the dry nose oil. Our sinuses chests are clearing. I will have to buy a second bottle, one to keep with me and one for my wife.

  10. Refreshing when sick 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Mar 2015

    It was nice to use whenever I was coming down with something.

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