Sinus Starter Kit

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Everything you need to start nasal rinsing to treat colds, allergies and chronic sinus conditions.

What’s in the box:

  • Beautiful, high-fired ceramic Baraka Neti Pot
  • A 2 oz. packet of organic French Atlantic Sea Salt
  • A nasal rinsing instruction card

Standard Glazes: $22

Artisan Glazes: $24

Give yourself the gift of better sinus health or share it with your friends and family.


To chose a Neti Pot color, click on glaze tile listed below and select a spout size. If using an iPhone you will need to double click on glaze tile to get it to activate.

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9 Reviews

Jason 12th Sep 2020

Great neti pot, but artisan colors could use some work

The craftsmanship in this unit is really good and I like that it comes from a small company based in the states. I bought the purple-olive artisan glaze.

I would've given it a 5 star review if not for the fact that the color of the pot I received is just purple. Nothing like what is pictured on the website, which looks more like an olive - blue. I understand that they are hand crafted, but it seems that the glazing process could be a bit better. There is a tiny bit of olive around the base of it where the purple didn't cover, which can't be seen unless you're holding it upside down. It looks like they applied the green then applied the purple over it. Perhaps my pot just got an extra heavy dose of purple that completely covered the olive, which probably wouldn't be a big deal if I liked purple things.

All in all it's just a neti pot and I'm happy to support a small company. The quality of the pot itself is still great. I just hope more oversight can be put into the glazing process in the future.

Courtney 31st Aug 2020

Neti pot starter kit

Love it! So beautiful, unique, and practical. Thank you!

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