Baraka® Surfer's Special

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Stop infections and chronic sinus problems before they happen!

Polluted ocean waters can cause serious sinus issues that are difficult to resolve. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Make it a practice to flush out and hydrate your sinuses with these 4 products each time you surf.

Surfer's Special Includes:

Baraka® Ceramic Neti Pot - beautiful, high-fired ceramic piece and handcrafted in the U.S. 

Baraka® Mineral Sea Salt Rinse (2 oz) Flushes out particulate matter and bacteria.

Baraka® Sinus Rejuvenation Oil (1 ml)100% essential oil blend designed to eliminate bacteria and decongest the sinuses. 

Baraka® Dry Nose Oil (1 oz) - Keeps your sinuses hydrated; reduces dry-out.

To buy our Surfer's Special, click on a glaze tile to select your neti pot color. Then select your spout size.  Slim spout is recommended for children; standard spout will fit most nostrils. If using an iPhone you will need to double click on glaze tile to get it to activate.

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5 Reviews

Michelle Lanzarone 11th Jan 2021

Love this!

It’s been years since I’ve used a Neti Pot, and I used to have this plastic junk I got from CVS or something. I remember having problems with it leaking and feeling like it wasn’t working right. Now, I try to buy as eco friendly as possible, so I was searching for a ceramic neti pot and found this one. Not only is the color absolutely gorgeous, it works amazingly. No leaks or wondering if it’s working right. Absolutely love it. Thank you!

Leah Milligan 5th Jun 2020


I've never used a neti pot before Baraka, but I'm totally hooked. I used to suffer from chronic sniffly nose, but after each rinse, it's like I have a brand new schnoz!! Totally in love with the color (jade green), and shipping was so fast. :)

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