Infused Salt Rinse

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Bestseller! Customers love that our Infused Salt Rinse keeps colds and infections at bay! This French Atlantic Mineral Salt is certified by ACTOA (L'Association de Controle Tiers Ouest Atlantique), "Selection du Saunier." This organization certifies that the region of Noirmoutier maintains a pure, unpolluted environment suitable for organic agriculture and also respects the Standards of Salt.  The organic essential oils are of the highest quality; truly genuine and authentic.

  • Contains a potent blend of 5 organic essential oils
  • Infused in mineral-rich, French Atlantic Sea Salt
  • Helps to fight colds, flu and sinus infections
  • Breaks down and eliminates excess mucus
  • Available in a 4 ounce and 8 ounce glass jar

Contains: French Atlantic Sea Salt, and the organic essential oils of: Virginia cedarwood, Palmarosa, Green myrtle, Fir balsam and Rosemary.

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47 Reviews

Lorinda 8th Feb 2020

Perfect for me!

A friend recommended this product and I've been using it for around five years. I'm not sure how to describe how I prefer this over other saline rinses, but it seems milder or not as harsh as other products. I also appreciate the infusion of essential oils into the salt. I use this when an allergy flares up or at the first sign of sinus congestion. I also use it twice a day on the rare occasion when I have a head cold. The saline breaks up the nastiness that loves to form in moist nasal cavities and releases it in one of those gross, but strangely satisfying ways (sorry for TMI). The result is that my cold will end sooner and that makes me happy.

Roberta McQueen 22nd Jul 2019

Infused Salt Rinse

I have replaced the daily use of Flonase with the Infused Salt Rinse.

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