Baraka® LipX Daily

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Baraka® LipX Daily works to reduce future outbreaks; a gentle blend for daily use between cold sore occurrences. Apply to the area(s) of recurrence when NOT having an outbreak. Great for those people with frequent cold sores. Lasts over 2 months. Comes in a base of sesame oil with organic essential oils: tree tree, hyssop, melissa, eucalyptus, citriodora, palmarosa, lavadin. Comes in a 10 ml bottle.

  • DON'T WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT OUTBREAK - Apply 2 times a day BETWEEN outbreaks.
  • GREAT FOR CHRONIC SUFFERERS - Reduces frequency
  • 100% NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS - Bought from small farms and coops

 Check out our complete Baraka® LipX Survival Kit which also contains the Baraka® LipX Outbreak blend.

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1 Review

Jules D'Amour 14th Apr 2022

LipX Daily

I use this two times a day and I haven't had a break out in over a year!

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