Mineral Sea Salt Rinse

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Your nose knows the difference between salts! Have you felt the burn of your saline solution? That is from highly-processed salt! Bright-white table salt is stripped of trace minerals, is 99% sodium chloride and includes anti-caking agents.  Nasal rinsing should not be uncomfortable!  

Our French Atlantic Grey Sea Salt is hand-harvested in the pristine ocean waters off Brittany, France. This salt is certified by ACTOA (L'Association de Controle Tiers Ouest Atlantique), "Selection du Saunier." This organization certifies that the region of Noirmoutier maintains a pure, unpolluted environment suitable for organic agriculture and also respects the Standards of Salt.

  • Gentle on your sinuses as it’s close to your body’s pH
  • Beneficial trace minerals that naturally break down mucus
  • Pollutant and toxin-free
  • Perfect for daily neti pot rinsers
  • Comes in an 8 oz. or 16 oz. resealable bag

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40 Reviews

Gloria 13th Aug 2020

Outstanding products and service

I’m so grateful and impressed by these products and the service. Thank you for your high standards and your outstanding products.

FH 11th Jun 2020

Gentle & soothing for dry sinuses/nasal passages

This is the only nasal salt I will use, and have used for 10+ years. When I first started nasal/sinus rinsing, I tried table salt, then sea salt, then a competitor's salts, then I found Baraka. Rinsing my passages with this salt is soothing, there is no stinging sensation, and in the very dry climate I'm usually in, my nasal passages are much happier. It's also very helpful for allergy season, which is when I use it 1-2x/day. I just follow the directions on the package. I was so relieved to be able to purchase this product online, and directly from the company.

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