Baraka® Ceramic Neti Pot

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Baraka® Ceramic Neti Pot: a beautiful, high-fired ceramic piece and handcrafted in the U.S.

  • 100% lead-free, safe and non-toxic
  • Food-grade ceramic glazes
  • Durable stoneware ceramic
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Holds 10 oz of saline solution
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not recommend for microwave use
  • We now offer a slim spout neti pot, perfect for kids

See directions for How to Use Your Neti Pot

                              How to Clean Your Neti Pot

Choose your neti pot glaze color by clicking the swatches below until you find the one you love! All our pots are slightly different (they’re hand crafted!). Want a one-of-a-kind neti pot? Our Artisan Neti Pots are glazed with two different colors, so each one will be completely unique!

Standard Glaze neti pots are $25.50 and Artisan Glaze neti pots are $28.00.

To buy our Baraka® Ceramic Neti Pot, click on a glaze tile to select your neti pot color. Then select your spout size.  Slim spout is recommended only for children; standard spout will fit most adult nostrils. If using an iPhone you will need to double click on glaze tile to get it to activate.

Don't forget the salt! Check out our Mineral Sea Salt.

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113 Reviews

pam 20th Mar 2024

I love this thing!

I use it every morning and I'm the only one in the office unaffected by the pollen in the air.
Besides, it's so beautiful, easy to clean, and use.
Thank you, Baraka!

Andrea 11th Mar 2024


I love my new neti pot. I'm new to clearing out my sinuses this way, and I love having something that looks pretty in my bathroom and also does the job. I bought a matching salt container, which just makes me happy, and I'm using the salt you offer as well, which doesn't make my nose burn. There was also a problem in shipping (the neti pot shattered in transit) and they replaced it immediately. Very happy with the product and your customer service!

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