Baraka® Sinus Care Kit

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This is your complete solution for good sinus health – for you and the sinus sufferers in your life. Comes in an attractive, corrugated gift box.

What’s in the kit:

Baraka® Ceramic Neti Pot - a beautiful, high-fired ceramic piece and handcrafted in the U.S. See directions for Neti Pot.

  • Standard Glaze: $39
  • Artisan Glaze: $41

Baraka® Mineral Sea Salt Rinse (2 oz) – Flushes out particulate matter and bacteria. See directions for Mineral Sea Salt.

Baraka® Sinus Rejuvenation Oil (5 ml) – 100% essential oil blend designed to eliminate bacteria and decongest the sinuses. See directions for Sinus Rejuvenation Oil.

To buy our Baraka® Sinus Care Kit, click on a glaze tile to select your neti pot color. Then select your spout size.  Slim spout is recommended only for children; standard spout will fit most adult nostrils. If using an iPhone you will need to double click on glaze tile to get it to activate.

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9 Reviews

J.F. 3rd Jun 2022

Great and beautiful Neti Pot Kit

I bought a Neti Pot Kit for my wife since I have been a long-time user. She used it for the first time today and says she is already breathing better. I wish she would have listened to me a long time ago! LOL But maybe due to her listening skills (or lack thereof) we have been married for 37 years and counting. Thank you Baraka!

charlene west 15th Feb 2022


love the Neti fantastic and looks art piece for sure........

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