Baraka® Sinus Rejuvenation Oil (5ml)


5 ML ONLY AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE (compared to 4 ml elsewhere)

Worth the price! Great for chronic sinus sufferers.

This powerful blend of essential oils is formulated to fight infection, drain mucus and ultimately rejuvenate your sinuses. When used over a period of 6-8 weeks, it has the potential to create long-term changes in your sinus health or your money back!

All oils are organic and bought directly from small farms and co-ops.

  • Effective for chronic sinus conditions
  • Strengthens immune function to fight colds and allergies
  • Strong blend of essential oil decongestants
  • Formulated by experts at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy
  • Used over time, our sinus oil can help rejuvenate your sinuses
  • 5 mL bottle of pure, organic essential oils, no carrier oil such as sesame or olive oil

Contains: Green myrtle, Inula graveolens, Rosemary verbenone, Eucalyptus dives, Peppermint and Spike lavender.

Not for use in a neti pot!

See this link for directions.

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64 Reviews

Diane L Althaus 16th May 2022

Helped my husband's mucus problem

My husband has had excess mucus for several months; it doesn't seem to be a sinus infection, but we're not sure what the problem is. He's a singer, so this drainage is doubly problematic. The Sinus Rej. Oil very quickly helps clear out his breathing. I am so appreciative of products that are safe and have healing properties, without all the chemicals/preservatives. We'll see what happens over the long term, but it is definitely helpful in the present.

Nancy 21st Apr 2022

healed a persistent sinus infection

I suffer from persistent sinus infections that can last for months. Using this rejuvenation oil cleared my recent sinus infection. You have to be consistent in using it regularly, but ultimately it cleared the sinus so I could breathe easy. Thank you Baraka.

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