Baraka® Dry Nose Oil


Get relief from dry nasal passages! Whether you live in an arid climate or suffer from dry-out in the winter, this oil blend will hydrate your sinus cavities and decrease the chance of infection.

  • Stimulates the cilia
  • Great for dryness that accompanies some colds; soothes raw skin
  • Tested in the Andes Mountains; great for use on airplanes!
  • Contains 1 ounce of organic sesame oil and the essential oils of Cardamom, Everlast, German chamomile and Roman chamomile

Not for use in the neti pot.

See this link for directions.

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78 Reviews

Soltahr Tiv-Amanda 25th Apr 2023

Just what I need in a dry climate

I've moved from Colorado to New Mexico, where it is dryer. I used this oil in Colorado, and here it's still amazing! Keeps my nose from feeling tight and congested, and is amazing before bed to keep my nose moisturized all night. Thanks

Jim 17th Feb 2023

Works well following neti pot irrigation to keep sinuses moist and opened.

I use this oil following either a saline nasal spray or neti pot irrigation. At night following the saline spray this oil helps sooth the sinuses and helps with my nasal passages inhaling/exhaling while I sleep.

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