Baraka® Steam Oil

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Baraka's® organic, essential oil steam blend relieves chest & nasal congestion while easing coughs caused by colds and flu. Simply add 2-6 drops into bowl of hot water. Place face over bowl, breathe steam and oil vapors for 5-10 minutes.  Full directions included with product.

  • Great for loosening coughs and clearing mucus
  • Complex blend of essential oil decongestants
  • Strengthens immune function to fight colds/flu
  • Formulated by experts at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

Ingredients: Camphor, Niaouli and Eucalyptus 

See this link for directions.


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1 Review

Debbie Collins 11th Oct 2020

Steam Oil

This product is extremely effective at opening and soothing the airway.

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